When Class is in Session, Fall-Spring:
(depending on the number of weeks of class that month)
$11 Punch* via 5-Class Punch Card
$12 Drop-In*
Please view our Refund Policy before making a purchase.

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*If you are totally new to skating, we require you to start with a month session to learn the required skating basics. After that, you are welcome to drop-in to any class, any time!

During the Summer:
Skating on outdoor trails with us is totally FREE! Just show up with your own skates and gear at any of our posted skate dates. If you are new to skating, we recommend that you complete at least one Blue Group intro session before you skate outside so you can be sure you know how to stop and fall safely and skate with proper form.
In case of rain, we have Open Skate @ The Vault on Mondays & Wednesdays for $3. You will need your own skates and gear and must sign a waiver to skate. Please refer to our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter to confirm whether we will be outside or at the Vault that day.